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PSU Vanguard is an independent newspaper made for students at Portland State University; covering news from around campus, around the Northwest, and around the globe. I had the pleasure of contributing at the Vanguard for the past year as a designer and illustrator.


The main topic of this issue dives into PSU's Black Studies Department being underfunded. An illustrative approach was taken in order to communicate the notion of inequality within the school system.


Woefully Underfunded Cover


Woefully Underfunded Featured Spread






Our goal was to visually express that many student athletes face houselessness and the same struggles that many go through. Although they may be under a roof, they still don't have a home to go to. In order to express this, we needed a photo. What do you do when you need a photo of someone laying on the couch? We have a couch, some blankets, and... "Hey B, do you uhhhh wanna be on the cover?"


Athletes Experience Houselessness Cover


B on the Couch




This cover sums up the essence of the Covid pandemic in one visual take. The illustrated solution is a pre-cursor to the timline of Covid in Oregon. This issue was only released digitally.


Covid-19 Cover


A select handful of spot illlustrations covering topics of love, technology and politics, global warming and corporations, Halloween, war, and graduating from college during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Self Love Illustration


Dear Lover Illustration


Evil Siri Comic


Evil Siri Comic Close-Up


Evil Siri Comic Close-Up


Online Bill of Rights Illustration


Global Warming Illustration


Drive Safe Ad


Sniper Illustration


Anti Virtual Commencement


All for Virtual Commencement


DESIGNERS: Creative Director John Rojas, Contributing Designers Brandon Pahnish, Dana Townsend, and Sam Person.

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Karisa Yuasa, Sophie Concannon, Quinn Stoddard, Adira Freigeist, Ida Ayu Karina Dwijaayanti, Cassidy Brown, AJ Earl, Chloe Dysart, and Justin Grinnell.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Alex Wittwer, and Emma Wallace.

EDITORS: Editor in Chief Nada Sewidan and Dylan Jefferies, managing editors Marta Yousif and Anthony Montes, copy chief Hannah Welbourn, co-news editor Hanna Anderson, international editor Chloe Dysart, arts and culture editor Nick Townsend, opinion editor AJ Earl, photography editor Alex Wittwer, multimedia editor Owen Demetre, online editor Annie Schütz, and sports editor Rich Rigney.