Hob Nob serves the Great Northwest by providing hand crafted fresh food, warm conversation, brews from all over the Northwest. Aside from busting out 5-star dishes and great crisp sips, Hob Nob does their part in tandum with various non-profits in the area. Pay it forward by grabbing a beer and a meal for a friend, a coworker, or anyone walking in. Located in St. Helens, Oregon. Welcome home.


This identity needed to kick off with a mark that encompasses a proud piece of the puzzle that makes the chain of locals & visitors in St. Helens along with a color palette that represents breathtaking craft beer.


Hob Nob Cover Image


Color Palette

Tier One of Deliverables:
Those driving along the freeway will catch a glimpse of this billboard and get curious about the establishment.




People walking along the sidewalk can see this sign that informs people that Hob Nob is more than a place drink, it's for families of all ages to hang.


Hob Nob A-Frame


Custom labels made for home brews, distrubuted amongst local stores and shows people what Hob Nob is about before walking in.


Hob Nob Beer Labels


Tier Two of Deliverables:
Enter the restuarant, customers will gain a deeper knowledge for how Hob Nob exists.


Hob Nob Brewhouse Business Card


Hob Nob Brewhouse Menu


Tier Three of Deliverables: The interactions with Hob Nob takes place in the closest sense. Members are able to pay it forward for a friend on mobile, use their app as punch card for a donation, as well as recieve their very own growler.



Hob Nob Membership Growler