Hey! I'm Brandon

Born in Portland, raised in small town Saint Helens. As a life long Pacific Northwesterner, trees, fresh air, and the ocean are paradise. When I'm not designing, I'm always down for a hike and a breeze.

My first memorable encounter with design was with CDs. Music obsessed, I got the most excited when anticipating a new album, picking it up, and instantly looking at the artwork which has inspired me to draw my own album art as a kid. If the lyrics were included in the packaging, then it was a huge bonus. Today I still get just as hyped.

Fast forward, I received a Bachelor of Science in graphic design from Portland State University in 2020, starting at Portland Community College in 2016. Design is instilled in a way that focuses on storytelling and functionality. I enjoy conceptualizing in the digital and physical space in a way that makes peoples lives easier and lets people live out their imaginations.

I look forward to working with you.